We have the power to dream of a better world for all, and we know what to do to accomplish it. We have the will, the team, the skills, the experience and the strongest partnerships to make it happen. After that, we move forward together to make history.


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    Aenergy was born in 2012, in Angola, through a vision of a committed, experienced and equipped team with the necessary skills to implement a project that remains ambitious: to be a recognized company in offering integrated solutions in partnership, to optimize resources and solutions for its customers, mainly in the Energy and Transportation sectors.
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    Beginning to dedicate itself exclusively to the Angolan market, Aenergy has been growing through the most diverse opportunities, with a special focus on the strategic and priority projects development for the country's public sector, namely in the field of infrastructures, equipment and services, within the Energy and Transportation scope.
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    Already on going and business models successfully tested, Aenergy is expanding across the African continent, marking its presence in countries such as Cameroon, Ghana, Liberia, Mozambique and São Tomé and Principe. This strategy not only enables us to increase our turnover and achieve a significant portfolio of projects, but also to grow sustainably by promoting better organization and optimization of resources, more efficient management systems, greater responsiveness and more demanding qualifications.
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    Today, with 400 employees involved in various projects, strategic partnerships with international companies and tests given both in private investment ventures and in public-private partnerships, Aenergy is a reference. The internationalization of its business model continues to be consolidated, aiming at an increasingly sustainable growth.
Because the paths are many, but only grows when we align in the same direction.