We are interested in building a future where economic prosperity and social equity are guaranteed, in harmony with Nature.

Our Sustainability Policy is defined in a set of commitments that establish the matrix of our daily relationship with employees, customers, partners, suppliers and with each of the communities of which we are part.

We know that Aenergy can only grow in an environment of respect and awareness, so we often make our contribution through actions of Social and Environmental Responsibility, with proven impact.

To do this, whether in our projects or in various communities, we have made investments in access to Health, Education and in actions to mitigate the production of Greenhouse Gases.

Since 2015 we have been counting our greenhouse gas emissions and reporting them internally. In 2017, we obtained the first emissions report audited by an external entity and started with several environmental sustainability projects and policies, Aenergy is an African climate leader!

Since the beginning of our activity, the pressure and the negative impact it has had on communities, is a concern. Thus, we believe that working with diverse communities and diverse stakeholders may have positive outcome.

Integration of our stakeholders throughout the chain of economic and social value and working innovation, are the motto of this 3rd vector.

It is still important to keep the Sustainable Development Goals in mind, and how we are going to contribute to the global agenda of the United Nations.


We are a company born in Africa for Africa.

Discover how focused we are in giving Africans a better and more sustainable life quality.


We care about the people and the environment, so we believe in inclusive and sustainable business models. Know more about our Corporate Social Responsibility activities.


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