We are proud to be the first African company to have obtained in 2018, the ISO 37001 certification for our anti-corruption management system.

We believe integrity is one of the pillars of our culture and its critical for our long-term success. We work to enable the right conditions and inspire our employees to act with integrity on everything they do.

The Compliance & Risk Management department reports directly to the Board of Directors ensuring its independence and access to the highest management level within the company.

Aenergy operates in several different legal and business environments. To ensure our staff meets the highest standards of professional behavior, we established within our Code of Conduct rules of engagement based on principles of honesty, integrity, dignity, respectability, professional diligence and fairness.
As a transversal document to the company, the Code of Conduct, describes the fundamental principles that shape the way we work. Shared throughout the whole organization, it covers a wide range of topics about how to interact with customers, business partners and amongst ourselves.

The Compliance & Risk Management department is the main point of contact for employees, shareholders, business partners, customers and public on all matters that relate to our Code of Conduct.

Corrupt actions include offering, giving, promising, extorting or receiving bribes, mediating bribery, making payments to simplify administrative, bureaucratic and other formalities in any form, including cash, other valuables, services or other tangible or intangible benefits from any individuals or organizations or to any individuals or organizations, including government representatives, public groups, private companies and politicians.

These actions are not tolerated in our practices and we expect the same behavior from our business partners. The C&RM department is responsible for the management of an anti-corruption system, having obtained the international certificate ISO 37001. This system was designed to help all Aenergy stakeholders to avoid events of this nature.

By compliance, we refer to our obligation to abide by laws, regulations and internal procedures, that represent to us, a reference on our daily action at work.

The Compliance & Risk Management department, promotes the education and training of all employees, facilitating online resources and programs, that cover laws and regulations that affect the business activities of the company. By periodically updating these resources, we meet new requirements at all levels: local, national, regional and worldwide.

On all matters related, we supervise and monitor the Integrated Management System and the implementation of:

  • Written policies and procedures
  • Communication and resources
  • Training
  • Internal Audits and risk level monitoring
  • Hot line, email address and webpage for concerns reporting
  • Compliance investigations
  • Corrective and preventive actions (when necessary)
  • Risk analysis

“Compliance is everyone’s responsibility”. All employees are responsible for complying with laws, regulations and ethical standards that affect our business. As such, we all have the duty to, acting in good faith, report any situation potentially breaching any law, regulation or company policy.

Our goal is to provide answers to all compliance questions and concerns, from any stakeholder (employees, business partners, customers and citizens).

We base our work on confidentiality, timely responses and guarantee the absence of any retaliations. Ensuring multiple channels of contact, we provide secure and comfortable ways, for anyone to express their concerns.

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